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Yeni Maltepe yolu Emintaş Akel Sanayi Sitesi No:10/59
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By keeping the desired area at a constant temperature;
– Provides quality standardization between first print and final print
– Eliminates wastage during printing
– Allows adjustment of cycle times
– Increases production amount
– It ensures that the internal homogeneous structure of the produced material is smooth.
– It extends the life of the mold as it prevents sudden temperature changes.
– Increases the surface quality of the products
– It saves energy


All heat control devices produced are equipped with 316 quality stainless steel tanks, bronze pumps, stainless resistances and stainless level control switches.
All surfaces in contact with water; It consists of stainless, bronze and copper materials.
Heat indicators show the desired set point temperature and the actual temperature in the system.
Thanks to the grooved surface of the cooling coil used, the cooling efficiency has been further increased.
Level switches made of stainless material; guarantees correct and trouble-free operation.

usage areas

– Plastic injection molds
– Metal injection molds
– In plate lines
– Extruder lines
– Blow molds
– Casting industry
– Chemistry laboratories
– In rubber presses
– Jewelery industry
– Bakelite material production
– Textile industry

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